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Submission Details

Purpose: This competition celebrates Ellen Fitzgibbon's passion for the natural world and carries on her wish "to bring hope and beauty to those facing cancer."

Awards: First Place $1,500 and Second Place $1,000. Winning photographs will be donated to cancer hospitals across the country and displayed prominently.

Eligibility: Entry is free and open to photographers over the age of 18.

Submission Requirements:

  • Application - Available here September 1, 2020

  • Categories include the natural world and animal kingdom. One image per participant. The photograph must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG with a maximum file size of 5 MB. 

  • Statement (500 word limit) - Statements should address the contest's mission as well as the anticipated impact of the submitted photo on patients and hospital communities.

Review Guidelines: Photographs will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges.

Timeline: The application process opens on September 1, 2020. The deadline for submissions is October 15th. Winners will be announced on December 1st.


Copyrights & Usage Rights: Participants represent and warrant that (1) the photographs are original and that they own the full rights to their photographs, (2) the photographs have not been altered beyond standard optimization; (3) the photographs do not violate or infringe upon another person's rights; (4) photographing the images did not involve the willful harassment of wildlife or damage to the environment by the photographers; (5) photographing the images did not involve putting any individual or animal in danger; (6) the photographs do not convey a false or misleading impression; and (7) any information submitted about the photographs is accurate. Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the photographer. Participating photographers grant the Ellen Fitzgibbon Memorial Photography Competition unlimited, non-exclusive use of images in all media, including social media, online, and print, in relation to the Competition, and in all promotional activities without any remuneration being due. Winners grant the Ellen Fitzgibbon Memorial Photography Competition the right to donate their images to cancer hospitals and to display the images in exhibitions. The printing and framing of the winning images will be the responsibility of the Competition.

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